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LQ Inspeções is a company that specializes in coating inspection for the offshore, oil and gas, and energy market with specialized and qualified high performance labor, threw project management and consultancy.
With wide experience in project management of national exportation utilizing standards NORSOK M501, ISO 12944, PETROBRAS and IMO-PSPC, acting in:

          • Process follow-up

          • Development of inspection and test plans
          • Analysis and testing of coating failure and defects
          • Qualification of craftworkers such as painters and supervisors
          • Elaboration and qualification of painting procedures


Attend clients focusing on quality and innovation all over Brazil respecting the characteristics of each individual project.


Work to become a top reference in the market of industrial painting inspection all over Brazil,  with a strategy of investment in human capital, upgrading techniques and resources.

          • Quality
          • Safety
          • Dedication
          • Team Work
          • Innovation


Our company consists of managers with great experience in national and international projects in various areas.
Such as members of NACE International, SSPC – Steel Structures Painting Council, Abraco – (Brazilian Association of Corrosion), and Prioritizing in quality and innovation of techniques, materials and equipment.
One of our main focus points and strategy is working on the development, training and qualification of all our employees.

LQ Inspeções consists of highly trained and qualified management skills with the following national and international certification:
          • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) - Level I, II and III*
          • Brazilian Association of Corrosion (ABRACO) Level I and II
          • International Maritime Organization - IMO PSPC
          • Quality Control Supervisor (SSPC - QCS)
          • Planning and Specifying Industrial Coating Projects (SSPC - C2)
          • Off Shore Corrosion Assessment Training (NACE – OCAT)

                   * According to NACE Institute Certification, there are only two people with this certification in Brazil.



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